This page will give you the ability to apply for a US DOT Number, Operating Authority, or both depending
on the needs of your business. The applications are in PDF and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to
view them. If you need the latest version of ADOBE READER:

To better assist companies in need of these required licenses we have made the applications with step
by step instructions available for download.

When you order through our website the cost of the purchase includes ALL applicable fees, our
unconditional service to see the application through it's entire process, and a
if we fail to get your business the license applied for
about our refund policy.

When you have completed the applications and for faster processing please follow the instructions
provided with the application.

The licenses are typically issued as follows:

US DOT Number:         Same day or 1-2 business days from receipt of application
Operating Authority:  30-90 days from receipt of application
You need Java to see this applet.
Application for US DOT Number
Step by step instructions and application
Application for Operating Authority
Instructions and Application
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