We have created a series of questions that we asked potential clients to help us determine what they
may be lacking when it comes to DOT complance. To help figure out whether or not
your company is in compliance we recommend that you take a moment to read and answer the
the questions below.

These questions target specific regulations that must be followed in order to be considered a
compliant motor carrier and when a safety audit is performed are most commonly failed.

Driver Qualification: Under the federal regulations do you or  your company know what
what is required to be in each driver's file to be considered properly qualified?

Drug and Alcohol Testing: Under the federal regualtions do you or your company know what is
required for proper record keeping of drug and alcohol tests performed?

Does the company have a Written Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy?

Are all drivers registered in a random testing pool through a consortium?

Equipment Maintenance: Under the regulations do you of your company know what is required for
proper recording keeping of inspections and maintenance performed on company vehicle(s)?

Does the company have a Written Schedule of Maintenance for it's vehicle(s)?

Does the company have a Written Accident Register to keep track of all company involved accidents
for a twelve (12) month period?

Examination of driver daily logs: Under the regulations do you or the company have a method of
routinely inspecting logs for falsification?

Do you or the company know what is considered falsification?

Do you or the company know what must be shown on the daily logs?

Do you or the company know how to properly examine daily logs?

If you have answered
NO to any of these questions then the company could be considered non
compliant in that specific area and would be subject to citations, fines, and in some cases could have
their US DOT number and/or operating authority revoked or criminal charges filed against them.

An example of some fines are as follows:

Improper drug testing procedures such as having a driver start work without having a pre-
employment test done or not waiting for the results when a test was performed fines start at
$3,000 per driver and automatic revocation of operating authority and DOT number may be
Knowingly having a driver operate a vehicle that's been placed out of service for some type of
mechanical violation fines can be imposed up to $16,000.
Log book falsification such as unmatched fuel stops, toll crossings, or loading/unloading fines
start at $2,500 per violation and possible criminal charges to include the arrest of company
owner(s) or officers could be done.

Regulation and compliance is serious and is not taken lighty by law enforcement officials/agencies
especially when it's determined that the violations were knowingly committed.

It's always for the best to get things right from the beginning and if a company has already been
operating but is not adhering to the rules then getting on track before something happens to bring the
DOT in for inspection is strongly advised. Log book records can be examined as far as 6 months prior
to date of audit and audits can be scheduled with very little time for a company to go back and fix what
may be wrong.

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